Property Investor Solutions

Property Investor Solutions

As a property investor, developing, buying, selling and/or leasing, the related legal environment is highly regulated, with fast-paced changes requiring specialized attention.

Our professional team is focused on providing you with up-to-date and innovative tax and legal advice with a focus on creating wealth through property investment, including:

  • Tax planning and implementation of strategies, such as Section 13sex and UDZ tax allowances
  • Commercial agreement

"One investor's two rules of investing: 1. Never Lose Money;
2. Never Forget Rule No. 1."

- Warren Buffett

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Are you excited about your property journey and you first/next property investment deal, but you are unsure whether to buy the property in your personal name, a company or a trust?

Book your consultation with one of our professional consultants to answer this crucial question and address the short and long-term risks of not investing in your investment structure.

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